Thesis 37

The Future Development of Maritime Search and Rescue in Thailand

By Thanatip Jantarapakde *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    The dissertation is a study of the maritime search and rescue in Thailand with a view to achieve a safe standard that would ensure the safety of the person in distress at sea such as passengers, mariners, in Thai waters and neighbouring countries. Currently, the there has not been a specific SAR organisation in Thailand.

    A brief look is taken into the background of the maritime situation in Thailand and also the background of global maritime search and rescue system. Chapter Two indicate the needs of a search and rescue organisation with analysis, taking into account the main factors of risk.

    In Chapter Three the maritime SAR legislation are discussed. The role of IMO in promoting Safety of Life at Sea and the International Maritime Conventions related to maritime SAR are described in this Chapter.

    The role of satellite communication in SAR operations are discussed in Chapter Four. The paper examines the Maritime Distress and safety System and its communications equipment for ships. The Inmarsat system and COSPAS-SARSAT are also included.

    Chapter Five specifies the SAR organisation in Thailand. The study include the examination of SAR resources, proposals on institutional framework, Rescue coordination Centre, and for personnel training needs.

    The concluding Chapter examines the results and give recommendations for improving the maritime search and rescue in Thailand.

KEYWORDS: Thailand, Search and Rescue (SAR), MRCC, GMDSS, IAMSAR

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