Thesis 34

Searching of commercial vessel in the territorial waters.

By Wirote Satawon. (1997) ; Master degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    Searching of commercial vessel in the territorial waters is a measure of laws enforcement for the criminal procedure. This measure is provided by the state that gives authorities to the government officials to investigate and search whether crime has been coTRItted on commercial vessels playing in the territorial waters. The objective of this measure is thus, to find out certain envidence for proving the coTRIssion of offence. Although Thailand has its sovereignty over the territorial waters, the conduct for searching of commercial vessel is subject to international legal norm. This is because the search can have some effects on the right and freedom of the vessel's owner, or the controller. This thesis is aimed to indicate the problems derived from the loophole of the Criminal Procedure Code provisions, especially, the scope of the government officials' authorities to search a vessel. It also stresses the importance and necessity of improvement or amendment of law recommendations are to solve such problems, particularly to balance the necessity to maintain the existing right and freedom of the vessel owners with the need to proserve the sovereignty in the law enforcement of the public order within the territory.

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