Thesis 32

Arrest of vessels under Thai law : comparison with international law.

by Songkram Vattanarat. (1997) ;Master degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


        The purposes of this thesis is to discover the internationally- accepted rules relating to arrest of sea-going vessels and to observe any obstacles arisen from uncompatibility of Thai legal provisions and the international laws. According to this research, it is found that some provisions of Arrest of vessels Act of B.E. 2534 are inconsistent with the international laws which are deemed universal. Those provisions are related to qualification of a claimant who can request for an arrest, the scope of maritime claims, types of the arrestable ship and jurisdiction. This thesis thereby provides recommendations for amendment in some aspects of Arrest of vessels Act as follows :

  1. To entitle the claimant domicile abroad to apply for arrest of vessels in Thailand.
  2. To expand the scope of the rights falling within the meaning of "maritime claim".
  3. To extend the right to arrest the particular ship, although the ship was later transferred to thrid party.


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