Thesis 30

Conceptual framework and theory about telecommunication regulatory body.

by Orada Teppayayon; (1993) ;Master degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


          The purpose of this thesis is to study telecommunication services regulation especially the legal theory relating to telecommunication regulatory body. The author analyzes trends and factors which foster competition in telecommunication sector. The author also studies legal principles which deal with the role and limit of regulator. Further the author undertakes comparative study of various foreign telecommunication regulatory agencies and international agreements in order to find norm and standard that can be adapted to Thai context. The author finds that the telecommunication regulatory body is prompted by failure of market and bureaucracy which result in inefficiency and unfair rules for competition in a market for telecommunication service. It is proposed that Thailand undertake the following measures: 1. Adopt Telecommunication Act 2. Establish a telecommunication regulatory agency. The main legal principles that governs the work of such a regulator should be Independence, Transparency, Impartiality and Accountability or Check & Balance of authority.

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