Thesis 28

Legal measures for search of vehicles.

by Police Captain Amnart Intrarasuan.; (1997) ;Master degree thesis.*(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


         At present, there is some problem concerning search of land vehicles due to categorization of vehicles into many categories according to the condition and the characteristic of use of such vehicles. The most serious problem causing difficulty to enforce law to the officer in practice is whether the vehicles which is similar to homestead or which the owner or the occupant require a privacy is deemed as private place. To solve the problem regarding search of vehicles in practice and to both directly and indirectly protect the public right and liberty, the researcher is of the opinion that search of vehicles shall not be executed in public place unless the administrative officer or the policeman enforce the law of search with reasonable grounds to issue a search or an arrest warrant. Search of vehicles in private place shall also be conducted under a search warrant except in an emergency case only. Additionally, if search of vehicles is conducted under the court's order or writ, such order or writ shall be enforceable throughout the whole Kingdom and shall be effective until the search is complete. The aforementioned method will eliminate the officers difficulty regarding search in practice and, at the same time, it will protect the public right and liberty in compliance with the will of the present Constitution.

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