Thesis 26

Container Terminal Performance Analysis

by Surat Sirisaiyas (1996); Master degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    This paper attempts to investigate the methodology for measuring the performance of container terminal operations and then implement this methodology to the real life of the container terminal operation by taking terminal B.4 of Leam Chabang Commercial Port, operated by Thai International Port Service Co., Ltd., Thailand as a case study.

    This study concentrates on four main categories of the performance indicators, namely

    1. Production indicators
    2. Preductivity indicators
    3. Utilization indicators
    4. Service quality indicators

    This paper indroduces an overview of the container terminal operations in Thailand and investigates how the container terminal is operated according to the container terminal model. The methodology of performance measuring has been discussed and applies to a real life case study. The concluding chapter examines the costs and benefits of using performance indicators. A number of recommendations are made concerning the properly implementation of accurate performance indications.

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