Thesis 25

Effective surveys of Ro-Ro Passenger Ferries

By Narayu Pittayapreechanon (1996) ; Master of Science *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    Ship surveys are conducted to assess the condition of the vessels and ensure that they are fit for their purposes. These surveys are are carried out by qualified surveyors whose time is very valuable and should be spent as effectively as possible. This project aims at improving the effectiveness of ship surveys by a more systematic approach to manage ship surveys by selecting important areas that are worth paying attention and managing the surveying system to support this technique. This approach is adapted from the Safety Case Concept which is presently used in safety management system. The proposed system consists of three main elements which are the identification of areas requiring surveys, the qualitative risk assessment, and the survey management system. After studying this concept, these elements were applied to the Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry surveys. An example of how to manage the surveys of these high risk defects was then included. The qualitative analysis showed that eleven defects were important and required special attention from surveyors. Many of these high risk defects concern the ingress of water to the main vehicle which has been a reason for many ferries capsizing.

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