Thesis 24

Port  Privatisation : Experience from Thailand

By Kanokwan Thanapaisal (1996) ; Master of Science. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    Privatisation become a clear of the Thai Government's economic and financial management strategies in the Sixth National Economic and Social Development Plan (1987-1992). All newly-constructed ports have become candidates. The first international seaport to be privatised was Songkhla and Phuket Ports which served as the case study. CTIC is the private company which won the bid to operate these two ports from 1988.

    This dissertation examine the privatisation of both ports. It looked at the concept, reasons and options for privatisation. It also examined the successful of this privatisation project.. In this regard, ports' performances and post-privatistion effects were examined. Apart from meeting the government objectives, the privatisation of these two ports also provided the Government with valuable experiences for future port privatisation programme in the Thailand.

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