Thesis 21

Design, Construction, Survey and Certification of LPG Carriers

by Somchai Rodthongterm (1994) ; Master Degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    As we know LPG and chemical gases are dangerous and the sea mode of transport can carry very large quantities. The purpose of dissertation is to prepare the basic important information, guidelines for surveys and certification of LPG carriers.

    The general introduction to the cargoes such as such as properties, the consideration between the relationship of temperature and vapour pressure for selected ship-borne gases and the International Code for Construction and Equipment on Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC CODE) is highlighted.

    Typical design, arrangements and cargo-containment system of LPG carriers, which is considered as one of the important criteria in the construction in LPG carriers, are also discussed in brief.

    The cargo systems, cargo equipment, instrument and auxiliary which play a vital role in the safety of transportation of LPG and other gases are considered.

    The operational safety aspects such as evaluation of tank atmosphere, fire precaution and prevention, equipment of fire fighting, personnel and pollution prevention are also taken in consideration.

    The Survey and Certification of LPG carriers are twin objectives for the maintenance of LPG carriers in keeping the vessels in acceptable operational standards. In view of this the author has highlighted the process of survey and certification in a broad perspective.

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