Thesis 16

Impact  of   Bangkok  Port on Vehicular Traffic

by Pornchai Joyjumroon, Junior Leiutenant  (1989) ;Master degree thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    The Port of Bangkok is currently a principle gateway for sea bound cargo to flow in and out of the country to which its volume serves as an indicator to the countries' economic situation. The port is located in the middle of Bangkok where traffic condition is considered to be bad. The objective of this thesis is to verify the number of vehicular traffic generated by the activities of the port and to assess how much impact it would have on the traffic conditions on the road network in and around the port through the relationship between tonnage of cargo and number of vehicle needed to convey them.

    The traffic data were collected on Friday, the busiest day of the week during normal time of the year. Other related data were obtained from Port Authority and other related agencies.

    The results revealed that high vehicular volume was generated by the port's activities. This volume caused traffic congestion on the roads leading to the entrances and exits of the port, it became more severe at the entrances and exits. Further, the future forecast of the relationship between cargo handled by the port and number of truck revealed that in the year 1992 there would be 5,800 trucks per day visiting the port as compared to 4,968 trucks per day now (year 1989).

    As for the traffic impact, the vehicular traffic from the port caused some congestion on the road network and road junctions around the port. The effect of truck traffic caused the reduction in expressway capacity especially where it approaches the port area.

    It is hoped that the results from this study will bring out clearer picture of traffic condition around the port area during present time as well as in the future so that the autorities concerned may take some action to ease the situation and making cargo transportation to and from the port more efficient.

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