Thesis 15

Study on the Improvement of Thai Fishing Vessel with Reference to Large Angle Stability

by Annop Palawatvichai (1990) ; Ph.D thesis.*(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    The author presents a simplified method of stability analysis applicable to traditional Thai fishing vessels. The work includes a review of stability leading up to the present criteria applied by various authorities. The proposed criteria is included. A new method of analysis heeling angles due to wind and wave at various sea states is presented. The method, upon staisfactory analysis, provides considerable useful tools to the fishingboat captain, in the manner in which he operates his vessel, to be aware of the extreme sea condition his vessel can sustain from stability point of view.

    Notes of especially troublesome areas of design and some good design practices which will improve the stability of fishing vessels are mentioned. Design curves for existing fishing vessel are also presented for convenience of designer.

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