Thesis 13

Air Transport : Liability of Carrier for Carriage of Passenger.

by Ms. Patraporn Attapich. (1988) ;Master degree thesis.*(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


          Air Transport has increased its role and importance in the transportation industry rapidly. Thanks for the advance technology that makes possible an aircraft carrier higher payload over a longer range. As a result, air transport now extends from domestic circle to include that of international. Many countries who own and operate international airlines have put together their effort in order to establish the generally accepted rules and regulations for air transport among themselves. Thailand however, has got no regulations in respect of liability of air carrier, either for domestic or international. Therefore, problems always arise whenever there is such a case and decision has to be made on which kind of law should be executed.

          In this thesis, the author has conducted a research which is steered to discover the most appropriate law to be executed in the liability case of both domestic and international air transport. Research is divided into two parts, substantive law and procedure law both are accompanied by relevant case studies and analysis conclusion and recommendation for guideline which should be followed to resolve the problems are presented.

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