Thesis 12

The Exploration of Sea Transport Efficiengy : With a Concentration on the Case of  Thailand

by Kamnonchanok Suthiwartmarueput (1988) ;PH.D. thesis. *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*.


    Overall efficiency in sea transport is affected by efficiency levels in shipping and in ports. Here both Thai shipping lines and the Port Authority of Thailand are considered. Efficiency is examined from the points of view of producers and consumers, though mainly the latter. The Expected Utility Theory is applied and approriate criteria devised and examined. Attitudes of Thai shippers and ship operators were surveyed and quantitative indicators constructed.

    The findings are that consumers feel that, for shipping, freight rates are more important than the quality of services rendered, and the efficiency levels of Thai and overseas lines are similar. For the port of Bangkok, the quality of service is more important than the level of charges, and the quality of services undertaken by the Port Authority of Thailand is unsatisfactory.

    Further research is recommended on appropriate government policies towards Thai shipping lines and more efficient operations for the Port Authority of Thailand.

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