Thesis 5

A Study on System of Management and Operation of Thai Shipping- Companies Concerning the Developing of Thai Merchant Marine

by Miss Veeraya Pataraarchachai (1983) ;Master degree thesis


    This Thesis aims to study about the management and operation of shipping business, because of an importance to the economic of Thailand both in promoting the export business and saving the foreign exchange. The study is about the Social and Economic Development Plan that set "To expand the mercantile fleet to the another 358,000 DWT" by expanding in number of freighters that offered services on the present routes such as Japan, Hong Kong and South East Asia, opening new trade routes to United State and expanding the feeder service from Bangkok port to Singapore and Hong Kong with its obstacles to achieve this plan in the field of the planning of management, marketing and finance. To test the assumption if "Now, The management of Thai Shipping-Companies such as the administration technique, the experience of the top management. The support from other sectors such as Government Body, finance institution etc. will not obstract Shipping-Companies to achieve their plan".

    The results of the study showed that the Thai merchant fleet was the smallest, accounting for 3.5% of the total vessels operated by the five ASEAN countries. The situation was partly due to a lack of proper support from the government. Most freighters under Thai flag mainly provided service within South East Asia. UNITHAI was the only company that offered service on Europe routes. Most freighters are very old and the management is in the form of family business. Most companies have no long term planning. (Only TMN has planned to enlarge their owned fleet.) The organization chart is not well defined and the administration is "Centralization", only top management of the firms making decisions, the reason being that organization are still small. The marketing management is lack of efficiency, the ships alway returned to home port in ballast and vessel capacity being not utilized. The fleet will increase only in tonnage, but small and very old. Most of the vessels are "Conventional Break Bulk type" and offered service in ASEAN and Far East routes such as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    The tendency of this business still be using "Second-handed Conventional tonnage" and implementing "Semi-container System" into the services too.

    Most of the problems could not be solved only by private sector but they need the coordination of 3 sectors the private, the government, and the shippers sector. Consequently, the government should play an important role in solving the problems and strongly support thai marine shipping industry in order to promote economic growth of the country in future.

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