Thesis 4


A Study on Job Analysis for Shipping Agencies in Bangkok.

by Miss. Pornthip Yuthkovit (1983) ;Master degree thesis.*(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    A study on job analysis of shipping agencies in Bangkok is based on the hypothesis that shipping agencies' job analysis is not carried out in full process such as job description, job specification, job evaluation and including objectives of the work in order to study the characteristics and the scope of work and what kind of manpower suitable for the work. In this study, we have used several mathods; collecting data from observation, interviewing and questionairs. Part of the questionaire has been counter checked by statistical method of Chi-square Distribution in order to illustrate the relation of job analysis with other factors like capitat, period of operation, number of employees and the location of the ship owner, etc.

    The study shows that 37 per cent of the shipping agencies have had done full process of job analysis such a job description, job specification, job evaluation and the popular process used in job analysis is relevant basis data collecting, studying and collecting data concerning the works in details and turns them into job description and defines detailed job specification, which is done by chiefs and personnel division. Their reason to have job analysis, because they want to make known to the great number of employees better understanding of the scope of work duty and responsibility all the time they perform theirwork moreover it will be used as a base for personnel administration to prepare job evaluation which comes to the result of having rank category and calculation of remuneration, another 63 per cent of the shipping agencies have no job analysis because they look at the flexibility of combine function if they have full process of job anaysis employees will not be able to work flexibly and it is also difficult to define scope of work and job specification definitely. For general operation, the supervisor will instruct the newcomers or has them study from reports and documents.

    A study on job analysis of shipping agencies for further use at the utmost benefit, shipping agencies have to collect and evaluate on personal data and catch up with factors which might effect working system and employees. They may observe the movement or co-operate with other shipping agencies through the Channel of Sipping Agent Association so that they will be well equipped with up-to-date information and generate their idea to considering relevant environment factors and develope job analysis to fit the changing circumstances

    The executive of shipping agencies should realize the essential importance of having job analysis by giving more and serious attention and support as well as followup the out-turn regularly, finally job analysis will assits to achieve the objective.

    Hoping that this Job analysis study of shipping agencies will not only provide general knowledge of shipping agencies' job analysis, but will also create some concepts and guideline which can be used in developing and planning for shipping agencies, thai shipowners and other bubiness which are in the related circle of shipping industry.

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