MMI Research 28

The Feasibility Study on the Kra Canal  (Part 1:  Physical Aspect) in 1999

By Associate Professor Dr.Sucharit  Koontanakulvong *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    This study is a part of group study on Kra Project, comprising of merchant marine, engineering and environmental aspects. This report aimed to summarize the studies related with the Kra Project from the past and recommend the issues needed for further study. The review of previous studies stated from the year 1793 up present, including the most popular reference used, i.e., TAMS (1972). The summarize of TAMS study was then included in the report. However, after the year 1972, Thailand had developed the Deep water port projects, i.e., Laemchabang and Maptaphut Ports. The study then summarized the developments and their impacts present physical conditions in brief. Besides, the additional studies on port development, coastal issues and coastal engineering studies with foreign similar coastal development projects were also included. The main criteria of canal alignment, development scheme, canal section, construction methods, construction cost and time were proposed. Furthemore, the futher more detailed studies on maritime, engineering, environment, and economics were recommended in order to be able to conclude the feasibility of the project and decide on the appropriate role of the country towards the development of Kra Project.

see Part 2 and Part 3.

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