MMI Research 27

The Current Situation of Transportation in Thailand.

by Ms. Krisana Punayangkool & Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kamonchanok Suthiwartnarueput in 1999.*(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    This study aims at presenting current data on transportation in Thailand. The study, however focuses on freight transportation, both at domestic and international freight transportation. Data collected and presented are composed of 2 main parts namely, physical structure of all modes of transport in Thailand and the freight transport performance.

    The physical structure of all modes of transport in Thailand are presented in terms of routes, lengths, locations, capacity and so on. Whereas the freight transport performance are reported by number of vehicles registered, tonnes of cargo carried by commodity in each mode and so on.

    For the current situation of transport in Thailand, the data shows that for international freight transport, air transport plays the dominant role. Whereas road plays a significant role in domestic freight transport.

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