MMI Research 26

Cargo Transportation by Container

by Ms. Sunanta Patchanhom and Ms.Wannapa Wadbunleang in 1999 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


      This study realizes the important of container transportation. It is transportation system that use more and trends to continually increase in the future. In Thailand had continue developed this tranaportation system until have study and fix the target in the last year of ninth National Economic and Social Development Plan (2006) that Thailand will have estimate of container caroges reach to 75.6 million tons or 5.04 million TEUs.

     For studying container transportation is necessary to make the knowledge in the merchant marine, to understand in the character of general container system, the important route of the container transportation, amount and the trends of cargoes that transport by container system in Thailand and Asian countries. Freight calculation and governments policy for develops container transportation system in Thailand and the changer of business world nowadays makes the high competition in business. It is necessary to find the measure or method for the existent of business so that it makes ship alliance. This study aims to be the basic and advantage for the study and develop in maritime transportation.

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