MMI Research 24

Bulk Terminal Operations.

by  Ms. Sumalee Sukdanont   in 1998 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


         This study was conducted into the barges transport system in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. For Thailand the study focused on the barges transport between Bangkok Port and Leam Chabang Port.

         In Europe, the barges transport was successfully carried along the Rhine. The cargoes carried by barges were both general cargoes, bulk and containerised cargoes. In Singapore, barges carried containers from the neighbouring countries to load on board of mother vessels. In Hong Kong, bargers were used mostly for mid-stream operations of containers to and from mother ships. In Thailand, the barges transport was mainly carried along the Choa Phraya River, the most important river of the country. The transport of containers by barges in Thailand was not successful. This was because of lack of infrastuctures and lack of law and regulations to facilitate the transport. The most importance was the transport of containers by barges could not complete with other modes of tranport both in terms of time and cost.

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