MMI Research 17

Comparative Study of the Portential of Leam Chabang Port and Bangkok Port

by  Professor Dr. Kitti Limskul 1998 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    The final report of the project "Comparative Study of the Potential of Leam Chabang Port and Bangkok Port" mention to the introduction of the project and the transportation systems which have bee continuing to develop together with economic growth.At the present, (1997-1998) Thailand has faced with economic cricis-currency attacks, bant devaluation and the Asian countries also have economic cricis and devaluation in currency, causing the high competition exporting in the world market. Due to the high competition in exporting, there are large a mount impact on Thai international trade which mainly passed through water way mode.

    Under the government policy to construct Leam Chabang Port and the transportation systems which have been continuously supporting and improving to accelerate economic growth.In the study, analying the component of Leam Chabang Port, Bangkok Port and private port in both physical and economical part which relate to capacity and efficiency in operation which linkage to transportation of country. The developing in transportation consist of road mode, rail way mode, water way mode must be intermodel linkage for reducing time and cost.

    In the study, The analysis of comparative advantage between Leam Chabang Port and Bangkok Port which use two parameters (assumed that other factors are constant) in evaluation consist of

    The first one is tariff charge which is fixed cost in any amount of transportation and the second one is cost of transportation. Which is variable cost and vary along with the distance and mode of transportation. From the finding show that the distrance from Leam Chabang Port's that lead to more expense in transportation cost. Considering in the long term, Leam Chabang Port must be more comparative advantage than Bangkok Port due to the transportation systems improvement.

    In addition, at the last part there are the conclusion of questionaire from who are affected by operation and service in these ports and including, the sugestion policies in management, transportation and strategy which lead to improving in service, enhancing the efficiency of personal management and so on.

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