MMI Research 13

The Feasibility of the Development of WWW-Server for On-line GIS

by Lecturer Dr.Itthi Trisirisatayawong et al   in 1997 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    This research studies the use of internet as a means to distribute geographic information which resides on spatial databases.  The research also develops a prototype system that will work as an On-line GIS.

    The prototypical on-line GIS is a three-tier client/server system; WWW-client, Web server and GIS server.  The research focuses on studying the mechanism to connect the Web server to GIS server.  The mechanism is crucial in bringing a user's queries to the database and in carrying the results back to the user.

    The developed prototype, though still lacks many capabilities, demonstrates the possibility of on-line GIS.  Further comparative study needs to be conducted to find the appropriate method to enhance the system's capabilities.

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