MMI Research 10

Trade and Transportation in Indochina

by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ittiphol Pan-ngum et al (1994). *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


   The study on “Trade and Transportation in Indochina” was undertaken to assess the present situation pertaining to trade and transportation in the Region of Indochina. The study was based upon basic economic data; trade volume between Thailand and the countries in this region; problems and obstacles to transportation for trade as well as the readiness of Thailand in developing towards the center of trade in Indochina. Data were collected, interviews were conducted on individuals and organizations in Vietiance, the capital City of Lao People’s Democratic Republic and provinces of Thailand on the Lao-Thai and Cambodia-Thai borders.  

   Foreign trade of Thailand has since 1988 exceeded 50% of GDP. In the year 1992 the Thai foreign trade volume reached 1,893 billion baht while trade with the Indochina region accounted for only 7,169 million baht; less than 0.5% of the total value. Trade with the region will however become increasingly important thanks to the expansion of investments and direct trade by Thai entrepreneurs. Problems concerning the regional trade mentioned in decreasing degrees of importance, were transportation of goods, trade documents and custom procedures, banking and international transactions, insurance, human resources, etc. 

   It was found that the Thai economic relations, trade and transportation were more well developed than those of the countries in Indochina. Extensive road system in Thailand of more than 50,000 kilometers and rails links with seaports and airports, gradually established and expanded over the last 100 years, coupled with relative peace and political stability had facilitated internal and foreign trade thereby reinforcing the economic performances. Thailand has arrived at a position where education and training pertaining to trade, investment and transportation planning and procedural facilitation can be of great benefit to those countries. For future studies it is suggested that researches in the following areas may be undertaken: Transport Planning and Logistics, Transport Model for the regional sea-trade of the future. Problems and solutions on Trade and Transport facilitation to encourage the arrival of Intermodal Transportation.

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