MMI Research 9

Computer Software (apple) for Teaching/Learning, "Mechanical Vibrations of  Machineries/Ship Machineries"

by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ittiphol Pan-ngum *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*  (1987)


   This Software Package on Apple II Computer for Learning the “Mechanical/Marine Engineering Vibration Problems” employed Apple BASIC language as major language for writing the Software. The basic of Software was planned upon writing graphic programs which would provide a permanent platform on Apple high-resolution graphic-pages for presenting two-dimensional outputs of functions and equations encountered in mechanical and marine vibrations as well as outputs of the calculated functions. The Software is inter-active for general users; requiring minimum computer knowledge; to input the function to be studied. Program structures, flow-diagrams and print-outs were presented in details with full explanations regarding the purposes and the functions of individual parts of the program so that future modifications to accommodate the requirement of the user can be met. Examples on vibrations were given and their results discussed in such way that an electronic-version of text-book on the subject could be envisaged for the future. A Master Program was also written so as to render the Software menu-driven. 

   The Software Package on Apple II Computer for Learning the “Mechanical/Marine Engineering Vibration Problems” was tested and employed in teaching fourth-year students for a few years with reasonably satisfactory results. Since 1990, however, the obsolescense of this version of computer at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University was eminent and the memory of only 64 KB was found to inadequate for more involved problems. Initiative was taken to seek for more suitable platform for teaching purpose. It was discovered that a software MathCAD 2.5 run on IBM PC could do a better job in mixing text, equations as well as outputting results in tabulated and graphic forms. Experiment was thus done in writing a better teaching package, instructive as much as inter-active. Higher version of MathCAD, run under Microsoft Windows were subsequently employed and found to be satisfactory.

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