MMI Research  8

The Establishment of a Merchant Marine Information Center

by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Achara Chandrachai, Assoc.Prof.Chintana Boonbonykarn and Lecture Suttima Jamnarnwej (1991)
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    The study on the establishment of a merchant marine information center was divided into three phases. The first phase studied the present state of the information system : particularly about the sources and types of information. It also surveyed the demand for merchant marine information in various organizations. The second phrase assessed the feasibility of establishing the information center. The final phase was about the processing of establishing the information center. 

    The first phase revealed that the present sources of the merchant marine information were ; Department of Harbor, the Office of the Maritime Promotion CoTRIssion, Department of Customs, The Ministry of Commerce, Port Authority of Thailand, Thai Maritime Navigation Company, Thai Chamber of Commerce, and ESCAP. 

    Regarding the need for information, the study found that shipowners, shipping agencies, and freight forwarders obtained the information from the above sources. Some of the sources were presently ignored but they might be used in the future. About 94.83 percent of the respondents agreed that the establishment of the merchant marine information center is necessary, and 89.66 percent of them agreed to apply for membership of the information center.

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