MMI Research 6

A Study of Present and Future Trend of MIS in Shipping Business in Thailand

by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Achara Chandrachai (1989) *(The full Text is Thai Language only)*


    The study is concentrated on the existing situation of future trend of the management information system of the merchant marine business in Thailand. Its objective are as follow: to study the existing use of computers and the information system in the merchant marine business, to know the future trend in using computers in the information system and to identify problems and obstacles related to the use of computers.

    Depth interviews, questionnaire and observations are used in the study. A set of questionnaires was distributed to ship companies, freight forwarder, ship brokers and ship agents. Out of 106 respondents, 40.6 percent use computers in management, 62.8 use word processing system and only 9.52 admit that the minicomputer system is being used. Micro-computers are used by 36.19 percent of the respondents. Regarding the procurement policy, the brand does not count what most of the business consider are the after-sale service, the priced, and the efficiency. Computer are used in accounting and finance, management and marketing. Most of the software being used were developed by either the sale companies on by their own. The data exchange and data communication systems are rarely used. The users are among those in the operation level and department needs. Training as the use of computers are offered to their personnel.

    Regarding the future trend, 51.72 percent reveal that they have a plan to get computers within are on two years. They do not use them now because they do not see the necessity. The network system is being used only by 20 percent of the respondents. The software system in use are the accounting system, wage and salary system and inventory system.

    The problems found by the study is related to the fact that the information system they use is not the integrated Management Information Systems within their own agency and among agencies, and the lack of qualified personnel. Cooperation among the agencies concerned should be encouraged to develop the system. Educational institutions should increase the qualified products in this field to meet the demands.

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