MMI Research 5

An Analysis of Trade Documentation and Information System in Thailand

by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Achara Chandrachai  in 1989 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    The facilitation and promotion of foreign trade requires the efficiency and effectiveness of the information system among the various organizations involved. The study aimed to describe the present system of the trade documents and information flow among the institutions cocerned, to present modernized system developed in the United Kingdom.     The study found that about 16 organizations involved in the trading system, 25 and 21 types of document in the export and import system respectively. The study also revealed the system flow and documentation and information flow both export and import procedures. The problem areas of the existing systems are identified.  The systems in the U.K. are studied and found that there are intensively used the Electronic Data Interchange.  The process of modernizing the Thai System are recommended.  The process will be divided into three phases.  The first phase will concentrate on training.  The second phase will emphasize on the system analysis and design.  The final phase will implement the integrated system when is linked among organization in trading system.

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