MMI Research 3

The Study on the Construction of Dockyard

by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Direk Lawansiri et al (1987).


     The research studied the construction of dockyard. The data were collected from the construction site for the purpose of studying the  sequence of construction, problems during construction and the method of solving those problems, rate and duration of construction, total cost of construction project and etc.   From the raw data the construction model were set for further analysis. The construction cost was compared to several types of dockyard using the gross tonnage as an indicator.  The comparison of construction cost between each portion of dockyard was made e.g. The construction cost of the floating pontoon compared to the cost of the basin.

     It can be concluded from the studied that the main  problem encountered during the dockyard construction are  tides and activities of clearing the site. This was because in the clearing activities the fill material, avoiding the shore failure, must be removed. The critical activities in the construction are the clearing work, piling work, sheet piling work and excavation work. The construction cost for basin and floating pontoon are about the same for 3,000 gross tonnage of dockyard.

     This research was conducted and written by Dr. Direk Lawansiri, Dr.Ping Kunnawatsatit, and Mr.Peamsak Boonyasartpun.

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