MMI Research 2

Profile of the Thai Mariners

by Assoc.Prof. Chintana Bunbongkarn & Mr.Sutham Chitranukroh in 1984 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    Thai fleet was recognized as the smallest one among that of other ASEAN countries. This made up only 5% of Thai foreign trade volume carried by Thai vessels. Human resource was a major factor in enhancing the capacity of Thai fleet, in particular, the Thais do not have the proper qualifications to be mariners. The study on “Profile of the Thai mariner” explored the general qualifications needed to be a mariner. The basic data were obtained from both primary and secondary sources.  

    It was discovered that key elements required to be a mariner included the strong physical body, the specialized knowledge or experience, the self-discipline, the ability to work with other people, and the personal interest to work on ship. This paper mentioned the reasons the Thais were not interested to work on board and also provided broad recommendations for further development.

   This research was conducted during the fiscal year of 1984 and written by Chintana Bhunbongkarn, Associate Professor of Merchant Marine - Chulalongkorn University, and Sutham Chitranukror, Director of the Transportation Institute.

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