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Analysis of the Results of the Government Implenting the Maritime Transport development

by Mr.Sutham Chitranukroh & Assoc.Prof. Chintana boonbongkorn in 1984 *(The Full Text view in Thai Language only)*


    The Thai government realized the significant contribution of maritime transport to social and economic development of the country. The maritime transport was in a good position to be developed because its industry was relatively smaller than that of neighboring countries. The government therefore placed the maritime promotion policy in the Fifth National Social and Economic Development plan (1982 - 1986). The study on “Analysis of the Government Performance on Developing Maritime Transport ” aimed at analyzing government involvement in the development of maritime transport as well as investigating the government performance in accordance with the Fifth National Social and Economic Development plan.

    It was found that seven issues should be considered in the first half period of implementing the Fifth National Plan (1982 - 1984); They are the efforts to enact the law to promote the carriage of goods by Thai-registered vessels, the establishment of a permanent merchant marine training center, the development of deep seaports, the expansion and improvement of shipping state enterprise, the new shipping routes, the development of shipbuilding and shiprepair industry, and the capacity of academic institutes and vocational schools in producing manpower.

    This study was undertaken during the fiscal year of 1984 and researched by Sutham Chitranukror, Director of the Transportation Institute, and Chintana Bhunbongkarn, Associate Professor of Merchant Marine - Chulalongkorn University.

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